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Here at Elm Park Care Home we encourage independent living and a homely environment, providing the best quality of life possible to all our residents.

We are looking for a Domestic Assistant to join our team!

Hours: Depending on Contract

Professional Responsibilities:

• To manage and oversee the documentation of the Home regarding all matters of Laundry including Risk Assessment.
• To be responsible for all matters involved with Laundry within the Home.
• To ensure a high standard of day-to-day cleanliness, washing and ironing, is maintained within the Home.
• To be an Advocate of The Home.
• To work closely with and report regularly to the Housekeeper.
• To present a professional image at all times.
• To maintain own professional development as appropriate to role.
• To maintain strict confidentiality at all times.

Job Responsibilities
• Ensure compliance with Guidelines for Laundry taking into account Standard 26 of the National Minimum Standards Act 2000.
• When working in the laundry Infection Control measures must be complied with at all times, gloves and aprons must be worn for loading dirty/soiled linen into machines.
• Ensure cuts are covered with suitable plaster/dressing.
• Infected/soiled linen to be collected and laundered in Red Alginate bags.
• Ensure pockets have been checked to avoid unwanted items going through the laundry process.
• To attend Job Review meeting and take any action resulting from the review as agreed.
• Ensure familiarisation with Elm Park’s Policies and Procedures.
• All breakages and breakdowns to be reported to the Home Manager or Person-in-Charge immediately to ensure any necessary action can be taken.
• Any clothing repairs to be undertaken or reported to Key worker or family.
• Check clothing is marked with Service Users name to avoid loss or wrongly placed items.


• Machines and floor to be cleaned daily.
• Check outlet exhaust from Tumble Driers ensuring blockages are avoided.
• Maintain and control purchasing procedure and ensuring adequate stock of all detergents are available. Detergents are fed where applicable via auto-dosing system automatically and this must be checked daily to ensure blockages are avoided.
• Ensure equipment Rolator/Press, Machines etc.) is maintained and in good working order.
• Audit and report findings of quality if linen, towels etc at a minimum of every 3 months.
• Ensure monitoring and tidying of Service Users drawers and wardrobes daily.

These responsibilities are not listed in order of priority. A close working relationship with the Directors, Operations Team and Home Manager will be essential to ensure a successful implementation of all Policies and Procedures.

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