9 Tips On Making A Care Home Bedroom More Homely

Moving from the comfort of home into an unfamiliar care home can be a daunting prospect. This break from routine can cause senior people to become quite distressed and unsettled, so it’s important to create a warm, welcoming environment to make the transition as smooth and non-disruptive as possible. 

To help you navigate through this and prepare for the move, the team at Bondcare have put together a list of nine tips for making a care home bedroom more homely.

1. Sentimental Items

Bringing sentimental items which carry great nostalgic value, such as family heirlooms, travel souvenirs, childhood toys and ornaments, can be an excellent way of making the place feel like home.

Tips On Making A Care Home Bedroom More Homely - sentimental objects

2. Familiar Scents

A familiar scent or smell can instantly transport people to a moment in time or a happy place. Using similar air fresheners, room diffusers and sprays to the ones from home can help with reminiscing and create a comfortable living space.

Tips On Making A Care Home Bedroom More Homely - familiar scents

3. Photographs and Prints

Having photos on display in the bedroom will encourage residents to share stories and memories. Hanging photos of friends and family members, holidays and special occasions is a great way of adding a personal touch to the room and will make residents feel close to their loved ones.

Tips On Making A Care Home Bedroom More Homely - family photos

4. Mirror Layout From Home

Another great idea to convert the new environment into a familiar space is by copying the layout from home. This can be achieved by positioning an armchair in a particular place within the room, hanging up photos on a certain wall or arranging ornaments on a table in a specific way, to name just a few suggestions.

Tips On Making A Care Home Bedroom More Homely - set up your room like at home

5. Inject Colour

If approved by the care home, decorating the bedroom will assist in creating a homely space. Perhaps residents would like to replicate the decor from home or they’d prefer to try something new, giving them the opportunity to paint the walls and furnish the room however they would like is a brilliant way of making the space feel more homely.

Tips On Making A Care Home Bedroom More Homely - pops of colour in your room

6. Furnishings

When anyone moves properties, having their own furniture can provide that all-important finishing touch to a room, and moving into a care home is no different. An armchair, a dresser or favourite bedding can hold great sentimental value and allows residents to feel comfortable surrounded by items they cherish most. 

Again, this must be approved by the care home as the furniture must be fire retardant, so residents and their loved ones will need to consult someone at the facility first. 

Tips On Making A Care Home Bedroom More Homely

7. Music Devices

For most people, music plays a significant role in their lives, with certain songs or compositions able to evoke strong emotions — it’s also an excellent way of re-living fond memories. Having a CD player, radio or vinyl player in a bedroom at the care home can help residents relive precious moments from the past.

Tips On Making A Care Home Bedroom More Homely

8. Hobbies and Pastimes

Following a familiar routine gives residents a sense of purpose and belonging. As such, having items close to hand that allow them to continue with their hobbies and interests, such as knitting or puzzles, gives them easy access to the pastimes they enjoy and enables them to maintain independence.

Tips On Making A Care Home Bedroom More Homely

9. Plants and Flowers

The addition of some greenery in a care home bedroom makes a space look brighter and feel cosy. Artificial flowers and succulent plants are great options as they give that homely look without the intensive upkeep.

Tips On Making A Care Home Bedroom More Homely

It is worth noting that there will be different rules for different care homes based on health and safety requirements. Here at Bondcare, we aim to make each room in our care homes as comfortable as possible for residents to create a home away from home. 

We understand how important it is for them to have a familiar environment so that they feel settled and maintain their independence. We are more than happy to answer any questions on what adjustments can be made to bedrooms in our care homes so that residents and their loved ones can plan their stay with us accordingly. 

To find out more, get in touch with our experienced team today.