Brookfield Care Home in Castleford

Care Home in Castleford, Wakefield

Based in Castleford, in the borough of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Brookfield Care Home is a three-bedroom facility aimed at providing independent living support for individuals with a learning disability or autism. The home is based in a semi-detached house and allows those we support to have input in the running of their home.

Our Ethos

The philosophy of Brookfield Care Home is to provide a lifestyle where those supported individuals can live their life to its full potential. We promote equal opportunity, respect and dignity while empowering individuals to make choices and have control over the support services they receive. Ultimately, we provide a secure and safe environment for supported individuals in a community setting.

Care at Brookfield Care Home

Care at Brookfield Care Home extends to the following areas:

We have a qualified team who, in combination with our Active Support framework and any relevant professionals, help supported individuals make the transition from being ‘cared for’ to being ‘worked with’.

Activities at Brookfield Care Home

Brookfield Care Home features its very own large garden which supported individuals can use for everything from activities to planting and growing vegetables in the greenhouse. In close proximity to local facilities, individuals can use the local shopping centre, cinema or bowling alley for independent living.

Support & Independent Living Training

With a keyworker matched to each individual, we create a support plan framework and help individuals develop independent living skills. Brookfield Care Home also offers ASDAN qualifications, which include meal preparation, horticulture and preparing for employment.

We aim to support individuals in any way we can with support services, including in the following areas:

  • Health
  • Control over Daily Life
  • Personal Cleanliness and Comfort
  • Food and Drink
  • Personal Safety
  • Social Participation and Involvement
  • Occupation
  • Accommodation Cleanliness and Comfort
  • Dignity
  • Finances

For further details on the support offered by Brookfield Care Home or to learn more about our ethos, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team.

Life at Brookfield Care Home in Castleford

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