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The Bondcare Group of Care Homes strive to bring happiness to all of our Service Users who are in our care. We have our own programme of activities and entertainment. These are provided by both staff and outside services.

Care Homes

Our Care Homes

Information about facilities and services offered by each Care Home operated by the Bondcare Group.

Care Home Developments

Care Home Developments

Information and updates about new Care Homes currently being planned, developed and built by Bondcare.

Choosing a Care Home

Choosing a Care Home

Choosing a care home is probably one of the most important decisions in your life, whether for yourself or for a relative.

Bondcare Medical Services

Medical Services

Bondcare Medical Services run and maintain a portfolio of NHS Medical Centres around the UK



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Care Homes

Care HomesWhen we are no longer able to be independent from other people it may be best for us to be with people that can take care of us throughout the day. A care home will be able to look after our every need so that we are happy and comfortable for the rest of our lives. Ideal care homes will do more than just give us the things we need, however, but also help us to live full and happy lives throughout our stay.

Bondcare Group nursing homes make sure that all their residents are physically and emotionally stimulated as much as possible. It is important that all residents maintain their independence as much as possible to help them maintain their individuality and Bondcare Group nursing homes know how to encourage this. With regular activities that help to keep residents occupied and stimulated, Bondcare Group nursing homes aim to make sure that all residents continue to live life as much as possible.

Moving to private care homes can be a very traumatic time for all concerned and Bondcare Group nursing homes give as much support to residents and their families as possible. Highly experienced and well trained staff knows just how to help all residents to feel at home as quickly as possible, while also making sure that all family members know they are welcome at all times. Bondcare Group nursing homes do all they can to help the transition go as smoothly and stress free as possible for all residents and everybody that cares about them.

Care Homes in London

Care Homes in LondonProviding care for the elderly will mean having all the necessary facilities that help ensure health and happiness. GPs, dentists, chiropodists and dieticians are all necessary members of a team that help residents of senior care homes to live as comfortable as possible and with dignity. Bondcare Group nursing homes do not compromise in any way when it comes to making sure all necessary services are available for the safety and peace of mind for all residents and their loved ones.

Our dementia care homes have qualified carers that help patients to maintain their identity and dignity so they can continue to lead a full and happy life as individuals. Activities are organised that are designed to get everybody joining in with having some fun, as well as activities that help residents to get some exercise and be active.

In addition to taking care of the residents of senior care homes it is important also that their loved ones are giving as much support as possible during what can be a very difficult time. In making sure that the residents' families are happy with everything, the residents themselves will be able to relax more and feel at home.

Bondcare Group nursing homes have the experience and training to know and understand the challenges that everybody involved has to overcome, so we know how to help. If you are looking for a home where the comfort and happiness of residents are of paramount importance, Bondcare Group nursing homes are hard to beat.

Residential Care Homes

Residential Care HomesWhen it comes to care homes that look after elderly people that need our assistance, it is important that all properties are always in great condition to help ensure the comfort of all residents. Even residents that do need care from other people still need their own privacy so that they can maintain their dignity throughout their stay, so residential care homes for the elderly should ensure that each individual has all the space that they need.

Bondcare Group nursing home provides each resident with their own private room so that they always have the privacy that they need. All rooms are well appointed with their own TV point and telephone so residents can really make themselves at home on our elderly care homes.

In addition to having all they need in their rooms, residents at Bondcare Group nursing homes also have many other facilities to use at their leisure. Hairdressers, opticians, GP and entertainment facilities are available for everybody and Bondcare Group care homes for the elderly organise regular activities so all residents always have plenty to do.

Delicious and nutritious meals are served every day in well-appointed and relaxing dining rooms and each individual's dietary needs are taken into consideration. Bondcare Group nursing homes are well aware that a good menu is important for health so all dishes are made with great taste and nutrition in mind. Some activities in our homes even include cooking courses so our residents even get the opportunity to make something up in the kitchens themselves.

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